"No results" in DJ Pro AI on MacOS

So far I have used djay Pro AI on a 2012 Mac Book Pro and have now switched to a MacBook Pro with an M2 chip. I installed my entire system from the previous Mac via TimeMachine. I can no longer use the library on the new Mac. I have already removed the integrated directories and read them in again. No matter what I type in the search bar, it always says “No results”. I’m really frustrated now because the program is so useless to me. Is there a trick? Is this a bug? Are there similar experiences? Please help me.

Mac OS: Ventura 13.0.1
DJay Pro AI: 4.1.4 from the AppStore

After 15 days no solution for my problem. Who can help me?

I believe this could have something to do with iTunes vs Apple Music. I seem to recall having some issues ages ago when I upgraded my old MacBook running iTunes. Unfortunately, I do not remember the solution.

Have you tried submitting a support ticket directly to Algoriddim from with the app?

Yes I have contact the support, but they write only mails with “I’ve already passed this along to our dev team and am awaiting an answer from them regarding these issues.”.

The iTunes library I can open and searching for songs. Only the library with the Finder-icon show me “No results”.

As I’m not native English speaker, I need more information
what you are talking about.

  1. You can search in Apple Music and can see all files and songs in Apple Music

  2. So inside djPro you don’t see your Apple Music library in “Music” and can’t search them?

  3. Or you can’t see your files and folders inside this “Finder” ?

So a test case for you:

  1. Create a new directory to your “Music” folder. Add couple of songs into it.
  2. Don’t add that directory to Apple Music.
  3. Add that directory to “My Files” in djPro

And test how that new directory behaves with songs inside it.

If it works correctly, only after then try adding that directory with songs to Apple Music.
And test if those new files are correctly be seen in “Music” section in djpro.

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Thanks for your answer. The problem is with “My Files”.

I tried your instructions: I created a folder, copied a few tracks into it and then dragged it into “My Files”. If I now enter “Start Trip” in the search field, the title should be displayed in the result. But it always says “No results”.

On the old MacBook this works without any problems. Not on the new one, so the software is unusable for me.

What annoys me the most is that after five weeks I haven’t received any support from Algoriddim.

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After six weeks no solution. A piece of software without a functionally library search. Shame on you!

Hi @mindkicker,

Thank you for sharing your post in our community. We appreciate your patience as our teams have been trying to reproduce this issue at length.

Great thanks to @Slak_Jaw and @dj_romy_fi for also helping out in the meantime.

We will be regularly updating this thread as new information comes in from our dev team regarding the exact reasoning for this problem should another user in the community have the same issue in the future!

After 10 weeks no solution, no response. What is this for an f…g costumer support?

Where is now the solution for my problem?

having the same issue too, but my big fix is just dumping the whole program and switching to serato or something.

ill rather learn something new than believe in this company.

Hi all,

I am running into the same issue. My files are stored on a external (apfs) drive, still no search index available. (“my files” section of DJay Pro AI under macOS Monterey on M1). Updating the library seems not to have any effect, nor is there a “work in progress” bar to let you know how far the update process is. I question why Algoriddim seems not be able to get a search index working for those local files.
Please give us the ability to recursive search within local files! That ist essential! Or I am doing something in a wrong way?

As a workaround, you could import the directory tree to your playlists, which takes a long time (all night long, depending on the amount of songs) and has the disadvantage of not being updated if new files are added.

I’d be glad if there are any hints available to that issue.
Many thanks and regards.

@NathanielAlgo is there any progress in this issue? I think this exists a few years now.
Many thanks!

Best regards.

I’m having the same issue. I migrated over from a MacBook Pro 2015 to my 2017 MacBook Pro. I had no issues searching “My Files” with the 2015. I can only search a specific folder (not sub folder) or all files.