No sound after connecting controller (DDJ-200)

Using Algoriddim djay free for iOS on my iPad. Loading a track from spotify and playing it works fine, and the music plays flawlessly. However, the moment I connect my DDJ-200, the sound instantly disappears and no more sound is played.

I’ve tried using my ipad’s speaker as well as connecting the split audio/external speakers but nothing fixes it until I turn disconnect my DDJ-200 and restart the app, whereby I can hear the sound again. Problem repeats the moment the controller is connected. 

When it is connected however, all the controls work fine - I’m able to set cues, play tracks, etc. and the only problem is the lack of sound.

Hi Luke, Thank you for getting in touch. Could you record an exemplary video of the issue and send us a mail containing a download link to the vide via Thank you in advance.