No Sound external - PIONEER DDJ-Sr2

I bought a new controller to use with Algoriddim Pro Ai.

The Pioneer Dj DDJ-SR2 controller functions work, crossfade, load, all good.

What isn’t working is the output speakers using RCA. I simply can’t get sound externally. I have selected in the burger menu “configure Audio Devices” to external. But sounds still only come from the MacBook Air.
I also cannot use the headphones to cue tracks.

I’m stumped and need help please to gain external sound.

Thank you.

@Michael_Esz I believe for that controller you should set your Audio Device Setup, Mixer Mode to Internal NOT External. Then try setting Main Output to Pioneer DDJ-SR2 ch 1-2 and Pre-Cueing to Pioneer DDJ-SR2 ch 3-4.

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I tied internal and external, using internal- The main output won’t give me the choice of pioneer. My MacBook won’t recognize the audio

Only choice is built in output, Apple TV and zoom

Try connecting the controller direct to your Mac with a USB cable; don’t use a USB hub and don’t connect anything else. Disconnect any other cables, especially HDMI.
If that doesn’t work, try a different USB cable. Some USB cables only work for charging and not data transfer. If that doesn’t work, try connecting a powered USB Hub to your Mac first, then the USB cable from your controller to the hub.


I got it fixed. Needed to dl the software for the driver. I was under impression the Algoriddim was plug and play.

Thx for your help. :pray::mushroom:


Plug and play means several things.

For me I read it like

  • read the hardware manual
  • read the installation manual of the hw

So that I have basic idea how that hw should be used and configured to be used with my operating system and device.

After I’ve done and followed the initial setup defined by the hw vendor, I try to use the hw with any compatible application.

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I fixed it, thx, good to go…

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Hey @Michael_Esz,

Thank you for posting this here in the Community and for sharing your feedback while troubleshooting this issue.

Also thank you @Slak_Jaw and @dj_romy_fi for the helpful input.

Hopefully the other users will come across this post and find it helpful too :slight_smile:


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