No sound from Djay pro when using bluetooth headphone

Hi, I am using Reloop Buddy and when I connect the USB-C cable to my iPad, and connect my iPad with Bluetooth headphone, there is no sound coming out from my Bluetooth headphone at all. How to fix it?

It’s not really designed to work that way and I’m pretty sure it’s not actually possible with djay. Also Bluetooth headphones have a noticeable latency and are not really suitable for DJing and manual beat matching.

I recommend you connect wired headphones into the headphones socket on the right side of the Reloop Buddy near the small volume knobs. This way you will be able to use the hardware controls on the Buddy to pre-cue the songs in your headphones.


Slak Jaw is correct, it won’t work that way and the latency would make beat matching a train wreck…
The only way that you could use Bluetooth headphones would to use something like AirFly dongle, but that won’t fix the latency issues

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Hey @huydtbd69 ,

Thank you for posting this question here in the Community.

S/O @Slak_Jaw and @maurizio_T for the useful information shared.

Writing to confirm that @Slak_Jaw 's solution is, in fact, the most viable and also that @maurizio_T 's input is a very good alternative if you’d like to keep bluetooth headphones as part of your setup.

Hope you will find this useful. Cheers!

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