No sound from my mixer but from my Macbook?

Hello, I connected my Macbook (Catalina) with DJ Pro (Algoriddim) to my cdj Pioneer Nexus 2000’s, but when I start playing music, the sound is coming from my Macbook instead of my mixer (djm 900 nexus) and my amplified speakers? This wasn’t the case before, can it be because of my update to Catalina? What to do ? Thanks!

II have a strong feeling its an issue with Catelina.

In addition, not only the sound from the cdj’s Pioneer Nexus 2000 goes to my Macbook instead of my mixer, the mixer isn’t functioning as a controller as well, so I can’t use it as a mixer, just as an output (when I use a audio cable from Macbook to mixer). I’ve been using my mixer as an Algoriddim controller for nearly a year, but now it isn’t possible anymore or have I missed something in set up changes? Cdj’s are connected with the mixer through LAN, cdi’s are connected with Macbook through USB.

Me too, but then it would be almost impossible for me to be the only one? Any idea of a solution anyone?