No sound from Pioneer DDJ-SB2 deck when using desk 3 and 4

When I put Djay Pro for Mac in four deck mode I do not hear any sound out of the SB2 main outputs when a song is playing on either deck 3 or 4 (sound does work with decks 1 and 2). Note that the SB2 controller does have buttons to switch between all for decks and the play controls work, just no sound. Is this a bug with Djay?

I just made a video showing deck 3 not outputting to the mains but then I thought I’d keep playing around with the various buttons on the SB2 and what I discovered is that when I first select the deck 3 button I also need to press the pad trans button (toggle it on/off). At that point deck 3 output starts going through the main output. This is the same for deck 4. Once I’ve done the pad trans toggle once the deck buttons work normally the for subsequent tracks with output for all decks going out the mains.

BTW, I saw this same issue using Serato DJ Intro so this issue is not specific to Djay. I wonder if anyone else with a SB2 has seen the same problem? I ask because it may be that my deck is defective.

Did some more research and found out that this is a quirk of the SB2 in that when the deck is switch to 3 all the levels are 0 regardless of where the fader is. If I move the deck 1/3 fader when I first switch to deck 3 then I start hearing deck 3 output. So basically, nevermind (user error).

Hey Will,

thank you for pointing that out.
Can you send us an exemplary video of the 4 deck behaviour via

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi friend. I have the same problem with the decks 3 and 4. I have to press pad trans for making the decks 3 and 4 works. I have used serato dj intro, serato pro and another seratos, its the same with the decks 3 and 4. My email is


Just posting this for other people and future reference! I have a Roland DJ 505 with Serato DJ and came across the same problem hence searching online. Like Will says the 3 and 4 decks have a value of zero as in no sound despite the fader being in an high position - move the fader to zero and push them up to hear the sound.