No sound out on master, booth/monitor and headphones at the same time (ddj 800)?

When will you fix so we can have sound out from the master, booth/ monitor and headphones at the same time for the pioneer ddj-800 ??
I have send you this question in may earlier, so please let me know if it´s possible or not at least?


Hi @Alexander_L,

Thank you for getting in touch. Master, Booth and Phones Out are treated internally by the controller and therefore work if the controller is natively supported. Which djay version and device are you using?

Hi @Lukas_E,
I am using djayPro2 vers 2.2.5 for mac.
I have no problems with use al 3 channels on my Pioneer ddj-800 in rekordbox and get sound of them at the same time. But in djaypro I can´t get it to work with more then 2 channels on the same time??


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Hi @Alexander_L

Are any combinations of Master, Booth, Phones working or is one of the three not working at all?

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Having the same issue with DDJ 800 and Djay pro Mac. Master and phones work fine but booth has no output.


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I have same issue no sound out of booth
Master and phones are working

I have the same issue on my DDJ-400. No output on booth.

In Rekordbox, there’s this option (see screenshot). What is the equivalent in Djay? If that’s not supported, I am ditching this in a heartbeat!

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