No Sound Preview or Output With My Numark NS6

Just bought DJ Pro in the Mac App and my Numark NS6 won’t play any sound nor can i preview any tracks playing with my headphones. Weird thing is that my Numark NS6 works PERFECT with the DEMO version only…why is that???

I’m interested in the outcome on this question too. I have an NS6 and I use Djay for autoplay for background music at events, and I was thinking of upgrading to Djay Pro.

I had trouble with the Apple AppStore version of Djay because of the way OS X sandboxed access to the audio interface for the NS6 (I didn’t have that trouble with the audio output for my S4 or my Z1 if I remember correctly).

Since Djay Pro is (to the best of my knowledge) only available in the AppStore, I wonder if there’s some sort of similar sandboxing at work that is keeping Djay Pro from recognizing the audio card in the NS6.

Just out of curiosity:

Which version of OS X are you running?
Can you see the NS6 in your Audio/Midi Setup app?
Have you had a chance to try updating or re-installing your NS6 audio drivers?
Can you see the NS6 as an option when you select your audio output in Djay Pro?

Thank you for reporting this. I’m sorry you ran in to this trouble, but I’m very interested in your response, as it will greatly influence my decision to upgrade, as I’m sure it will many others.

I’m glad to hear that Numark addressed the issue in their latest driver. I’ll definitely consider the new version of Djay.

Which djay version are you using? Also, please download and install the latest driver for your NS 6 here:…


start djay

open “Preferences” from the “djay” menu

go to “Devices”

select the following config:

  • Main Output: NS 6 ch1-2
  • Pre-cueing: NS 6 ch3-4

NOTE: If you bought djay in the Mac App Store, then make sure to select the audio device that says “…Core Audio…”.

You’re absolutely right, this was due to sandboxing. However, Numark already updated their driver to address this issue (v. 3.2.0) - see below.

Im having the same issue

Same Problem here…NS6 works perfectly, all the faders react, but there is no sound…and in devices i can not see anything, there is only my main output available

thank you this fixed my problem :slight_smile:

mine does not have a core audio selection. It used to, but it disappeared