No sounds from my sampler when DJing - HELP PLEASE

When I press a button on my sampler no sound comes back. Using Djay Pro on a macbook air.

Sounds are working from both decks…

Button is definitely being pressed but no sound.

Is the sample volume turned up? Its the slider in the centre between the sample banks

Thanks a lot for getting back to me Yes it is - the slder in between the 2 sets of x6 button is right at the top. Nothing changes when I vary the volume… seems really odd.

Sound plays if I take out my numark mixtrack pro II mixer… is there a way to enable sound when it’s in?

I’ve solved this.
Go to “Configure Audio Devices” by clicking on the headphones icon.
For Mixer mode “Internal” select:
Main Output: Pioneer DDJ… : ch 3-4
Pre-Cueing: Pioneer DDJ …: ch 1-2

For Mixer mode “External” only ch 3-4


Thanks, pal…

I have just tried this and it has solved my problem
Fantastic work,you are a superstar!!!
Cheers Gary