no star beside fx to add to fav

on the star tab it says just hit the star next to the fx, and it will be added to favorit, but there is no star beside all fx options, so now searching voor the fx i want is a pain in… realy need favorit,


On iOS and iPadOS the wording is misleading as there is no star to press as you rightly point out.

The solution is to swipe left on the FX you want to favourite and add them from there.



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aahh… so thats h ow it works… why is that not writen on the star tap ?

and is this writen in the manual ?

The wording has been wrong for a number of versions, there used to be a star next to the FX, but the wording was never updated when the selection method changed.

The method is explained very clearly in the manual though.

As they say …… always RTFM…. :grin:

…unless you’re using the Windows version, because there is no manual. :cry:

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There no manual for V5 on any platform yet either….at least we’ve got an old one that is useful for most of the app….

Good luck with the Windows one….:crossed_fingers:t2:


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