no technical support for djay pro 2 playlist loading error since purchase

I purchased djay pro 2 on Saturday 6th and its not working properly. Everything seems fine. I’d followed the instructions to import my music folder, then created playlists, dragged from the music folder to the playlist. Then for some reason it stopped allowing me to add tracks to the playlist. The track would become greyed out. An error would say the track was unavailable, but obvious was because its in the music folder. Attached is a screen shot.

I’ve asked for support but I just get a automated response asking what version my mac is and what version djay pro is, which I promptly reply and provide the correct info and also request a version that is compatible with Mac Sierra. But still no response. The app is useless. Is this common with this company when a new customer buys an item that doesn’t work and requires technical support but is ignored. I attached a screen shot. I think its not compatible and i just need the correct version. Unless anyone else can throw some light on this.

Thank you.

If the Algoriddim team read this, my case number is 85705


All too often this happens I’m afraid. New products get pushed lots of issues with little support. Shame really

Hi James and Dysfunk DJ.

Thank you for both your responses.

I wouldn’t mind so much but the app should be free then, not be sold with all these problems.

Anyway I did get an email from yesterday from tech who thought the problem was interesting! I replied and then they disappeared again!

I think I will go back to MIXXX, its free and works with Pioneer mixers well.
Shame I lost my money.

Similar problem, tracks are missing when the itunes palylist is opened in DJ2