No Tidal videos shown in Djay Pro 2 for MacOS


Just upgraded to the new 2.1 version of Djay Pro 2 for MacOS. Great thing, so cool!

I created a free 3-months Tidal Premium Subscription, and the videos are not shown when loading videos from Tidal.

What could be the issue?


No error displayed. Audio is heard. One-color screen is flashing in video, no images.

I would be happy. How to I best record a video? The recod video funciton is not for streaming services. Do not think I have an app yet for screen recording. If you can recommend one I will try.

Sent an e-mail with Wetransfer-link now.

I see now that also videos from my hard drive have the same issue, so not only Tidal videos. This means there is a general issue re the video feature.

Great job! Works fine now with the new update! I.e. version 2.1.1 Djay Pro 2 for MacOS.

Hi DJ Boum! Boum!,

Thank you for your interest in our latest version.

I am sorry to hear about the issue, is there an error being displayed?

Is there nothing playing or either audio or video?


Lukas E.

Is this the case with every video?

Could you record an exemplary video real quick and send me the wetransfer download link?

Thank you for your fast reaction and help.


You can make a short video with any video device (smartphone etc.) and upload it to Please send the wetransfer download link to us via

Please also attach a link to this community thread, that would be great and would help us tons.


Lukas E.

I have exact same issue. Downloaded yesterday to test after hearing thattidal videos can be streamed. No videos playing. Audio is fine. .currently using sane mo4 files with serato video with no problems.