Noise using iDJPRO and djay 2 using iPad AIR 2

Hi, I’m experiencing a lot of static / noise using djay2 with iPad Air 2 (iOS 8.1.3) using original apple adapter.
Same issue with iPar Air 1 and with iPhone 6.

Using the iPad 3 with the 30 pin connector, no issues, but with the adaptor (the apple originals, I tried both the small adaptor and the adaptor with cable), the static/noise is there.

I have seen if I turn OFF Hardware AUDIO from djay config and turn ON again, it started to work, but I’m little concerned regarding this noise, and sometimes there is not sound at MASTER, only CUE.

The strange part is that other APPS works without noise, if I power ON iDJPRO and start some music using the iPad Music APP, it sounds perfect, but when I load the djay2 app, the noise start and I need to restart the iDPRO.

Some times it works if I reset the iDJPRO, powering it off and on with the APP loaded.
I’m using the last firmware of iDJPRO and the last version of djay 2.7.3 with last iOS release.

Any definitive solution regarding this problem, I have seen another people at the numark forums posting the same issues.

Thanks, Fernando.

What happens when you turn the iDJ Pro off and back on while it’s already connected and djay is running?

Yup, experiencing the same nonsense here as well

Sometimes gets rid of the static, sometimes it doesn’t, but when it finally does, the static usually stays gone as long as you don’t touch the power again.

Exact same problem and configuration here!!! Please help Djay!

Tried with 2.7.4 same issues with noise. Another trick is if you set to MONO in the accesibility config of the iPad after the sound is with static. If you hear the static, stop the music, go to the accesibility config of the iPad and set audio to MONO , when you return to the app and play again, the noise is over. Later you can switch again to STeREO and it continue without noise, but if you kill the app the noise start again. Very frustrating.

Tried with iOS 8.2, same noise issues, need restart the iDJPRO to clear the noise.
I hope algoriddim solve it soon.

EXACT same problem here!!! At one time I had to cutoff the IDJ Pro 3x b4 it would work without STATIC but now that doesn’t work.

Help us!!!DAMN!!!