Not a fan of 5.0. How do I bring back the queue window next to suggested?

I’ve been using DJAY Pro on my MacBook with my RX2 for a couple years now and I absolutely loved it! Now on the new update there’s only one window that you can have on the bottom left and you have to toggle through all the different windows. I used to love having my queue of songs that I was going to play next as well as the suggested window right next to each other, and I could just drag tracks from the suggested into the queue and rearrange the queue for auto mix. Is there anyway to bring that back so I can have those two windows next to each other again?


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  • Hardware/controllers used:

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OK, no problem, I thought I did in the context of the post.
Device model: MacBook pro M1 and i7
OS: it doesn’t matter because it’s a software issue, but I have Sonoma on one laptop and Monterey on the other
Version of Djay: 5.0
Controller: RX2

I used to be able to have the Automix window open up next to the matching song window and I could just drag songs into the automix window and use that as a playlist during my gigs. Now I can only have one or the other open.