Not all covers showing in Djay 2

Not all the albumcovers shows in Djay2. It seems random witch ones that doesn’t show. I checked that the cover had been saved with each file in iTunes. And that’s not the problem.
Are there any restrictions as to, how many tracks there can be in a playlist, for it to show all the covers?

Best Reg Love All you Apps! :slight_smile:

Hi Lasse,

We’re currently looking into this. If you can find any patterns as to which ones don’t show artworks, please let me know.

Interesting. Thanks, we’ll be sure to look into this.

This issue seems to be fixed in iOS 7. Please update to iOS 7 and let us know if this doesn’t help.

I have noticed one thing. There are allways more covers showing at the bottom of the list. And less covers showing on the top of the list.
I have 5600 songs on my iPad, and I need more so I’m gonna buy the 128Gb size anymoment know. Hope you guys can fix this, because Traktor doesn’t have this problem and I would hate to have to change.
Otherwise I love your products :slight_smile:

Best Reg Lasse

I have found out what it is… if the cower picture is over 300 x 300 pix in won’t show. So I fixed by using good old ‘pain’. Took 1 week though… :slight_smile: But now everythin looks good.
PS. The cower won’t show if it is smaler that 300x300 either,’

Hi there warren I have the same problem on my ipad it seems that my pattern is all the covers which are showing are the ones from purchases on my I pad within the last 4-5 months all of the songs which were brought earlier have no covers . But it’s only in the lists that there are no covers . When you put the song on the deck the picture is on it ! Very strange ! Lol hope this helps and I’m sure u guys will have it sorted in no time !