Not confident in the DJay 2 app (given up on pro)

I am very uncomfortable using the DJay 2 app with my Numark iDJ Pro controller or on it’s own on my iPad due to crashing.

I have the latest update and I am currently testing it again via autoplay.

I am seeing that autoplay is working a little more fluently than if I am loading the songs manually.

Also, there seems to be a delay when typing to find a song. The graphics hiccup as I type. It rarely effects the song playing, but it does effect the song playing from time to time.

This is/was my favorite software to DJ with. I’ve had to go back to Virtual DJ to ensure that my clients don’t have any drops at there events.

On Saturday, I had My iDJ Pro setup on the table, used it for 1 two minute song, but that was it. I just couldn’t trust it.

Can we please have someone at Algoriddim thoroughly test the current version and create a new, fluent and reliable version of Djay 2 please? Or DJ Pro? (Also, I like watching the records spin and that is not available on the pro version)

Thank you!!!


Joshua we all are waiting on the correct fix. I was so in love with this app that even when I had a chance to go with something else for free key word FREE I did not take it because DJ 2 was the bomb to me no way nothing else could be this good but now, well, I’ll just say can’t wait for the fix…