Not finding select songs: osstatus error 2003334207

Macbook Air Catalina #= 10.15.4
iTunes #=
DJay pro #= 2.1.4
Library is hosted on a Samsung T5 SSD, unlocked then loaded in iTunes

I’m having significant issues with songs loading. I go to load the song and get an osstatus error 2003334207. What’s super weird is that I can flip back over to iTunes and play the song (it’ll successfully load and begin playing). Then when I switch back to DJay Pro and try to load the song, it works! 

There doesn’t seem to be any discernible pattern to which songs load and which ones don’t, although I’ve noticed that songs that are in playlists seem to be more likely to fail to load. 

Anyone else having similar issues? We use this for a large multi-op and I can’t afford to keep my team guessing with their libraries. 

Same issue as poster above. Having issues streaming from Beatport. 

Also reported here:

Support requested more info from me when I emailed them. If you see this error, send this info to them -

In order to take a closer look, it would be very helpful to get any generated log output from djay. To do this, could you please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Console application (from the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder).
  2. Click the leftmost button in the toolbar to show the sidebar, if it’s hidden.
  3. Select All Messages in the tab bar.
  4. If the Activities button in the toolbar is enabled with a blue icon, click it to turn this off.
  5. Switch back to djay, and try to trigger the issue. This will (hopefully!) print some output to the Console.
  6. Return to the Console, and select the recent error messages from the main window, or from the Menu Bar choose Edit ▸ Select All.
  7. From the Menu Bar, choose Edit ▸ Copy. Then, open the TextEdit application and Paste the copied logs into a new plain text document.
  8. Save the text document in .txt format, and attach this to your response so we can investigate further!


I moved to Beatport streaming and now I have the same issue. Didn’t have this before and it looks like this happens when I want to play the same song for the second time… any tips?

And how do I do this with a iPad?

Hi Broc, Thank you for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear about the issue you are facing. Did you move your iTunes Library in the past? Could you record an exemplary video of the failed loading and also show that tracks are back loading after you played them in iTunes? That would help us a lot in order to find the cause of the problem. You can use and attach the download link to a mail to Please also add the link to this thread to the mail. Thank you in advance.