Not fit for purpose

Randomly starts reanalysing tracks for no reason.

The waveforms don’t update as you play, so you suddenly get silence if it hasn’t updated by the time it tries to play that part of the track.

It’s lost all my old cue points.

It crashes when I load my own library.

The platters on the DDJ 400 no longer function.

WE’RE NOT BETA TESTERS! And I was given no warning of this update, it happened automatically.

Switching to Rekordbox if it isn’t sorted sharpish.

Actually, no. I’m switching to Rekordbox now. The live set I just played on the radio was a complete mess. Because of your terrible software.Bye!

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Hi @Mark_A,

Really sorry to hear about your experience with the new update. As you’ve said here that you’re switching software, of course we understand that you have choices. If you’d instead like me to help look into these issues you encountered with djay Pro AI, I’m happy to help. Just let me know.

One more thing - we already released an updated after the major release, version 4.0.1, that fixed some crashes that were reported. I’ll wait to hear back from you to see how you’d like to proceed. Thanks in advance!

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I’ve had several hard crashes myself and am very concerned about gigs this weekend. About still says 4.0.

The latest version does seem to have fixed som of the issues. It’s almost like version 4.0 wasn’t properly tested. If you need beta testers, I’m sure you’d have plenty of volunteers.

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Thanks for your feedback about this, @Mark_A. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and I’ve passed your feedback along to our team. Glad to hear some of the issues are fixed now! :raised_hands:

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