Not happy

The new version on iPad/iPhone is not only worse than djay2 in its layout but also in is usability. What annoys me the most is that I paid for the full version back when it was djay2 and now I’m having to pay monthly for something I already had I don’t care if you don’t update the old software but at least release the old version as a separate application so I can use that. Being a young Dj with little to no money it’s hard to buy new equipment and when I’ve gone to the trouble to buy a mixer that intergrates with the app and for it to then not work outrages me. Fix this please

If you go into the app store, tap your photo - purchases and the original one should be in there.

Hi there,

we are sorry to hear that.

As Daniel pointed out, you can download and use every djay version you have purchased in the past via the “Purchased Article” tab off the App Store.

Lukas E.