Not possible to re-analyze a track

When an edited track should be played (say, some silence was added to the beginning) djay Pro will still have the grid for the old version of the file - no matter what… there is no possibility to re-analyze the track - which is unbelievable… such a simple feature is not available in the software :-/ thats bad, really.


And then what do you do when you pull up the song in Djay and it won’t load because you renamed it?

yep, as I wrote: silence added to the beginning of a track for instance…

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What exactly do you mean by an edited track? Did you add something to the track with the help of another program? 

An option for you would be the Edit Beatgrid feature, there you can manually edit your Beatgrid. 

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you can change title in iTunes and it will be re-anaylzed.

i’m not sure I follow - djay reads from your iTunes library, so you won’t see songs that aren’t there. In other words, if you re-name the song, djay will display the track under the new name. Load, and it will re-analyze

I name and re-name stuff all the time without a problem.