Nothing in Soundcloud playlists

I cant view my soundcloud likes and any playlist containing more than say 15 songs simply doesnt display anything.

Is there any way to work around this issue, the buffer wheel appears and then quickly dissapears and then no songs appear, no new playlists i create, generate any songs in djay app.

All i have access is to playlists with around 4 or 5 songs with noability create new playlists with songs actually visably in them on the djay app.

Im using a samsung s23.

Ive tried deleting and redownloading, ive checked all permissions for both the dj app and soundcloud, ive checked public and private playlists, ive checked vpn settings being both on and off, ive tried different networks, nothing seems to work

Hi @william_sames,

Thanks for sharing this post in our community, and we’re sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing this issue with djay.

So that I can better assist you, could you please answer the following questions?

  1. What version of Android is running on your Samsung S23?
  2. Which SoundCloud subscription tier do you have?
  3. Could you share a link to the SoundCloud playlist you are trying to use in djay, as we have been unable to recreate this issue?

Looking forward to hearing back from you!