Nothing is playing (Mac)

Hooked up Spotify, checked the output, checked the volume…

Playing doesn’t start from queue or automix. When I hit space, it says playing but nothing is playing. Click start on automix list and the button says Stop Automix but nothing happens. Everything just sits there. Doesn’t make any sense since audio is working for the rest of the system.

As a test, I just loaded a track that is on my computer and it shows it is playing but the time is not advancing and there is no audio. It shows the pause button and if I try to load a different track, the protection warning pops up so the app believes it is playing something.

Yeah, the output is set to the main speakers of the laptop. Checked that early on. The problem is not that there is no output, the problem is that it says it’s playing but the play timer is not advancing. So the track shows it is actively playing but it never plays and never advances to the next track.

You must configer the speakers in DJay.
Left Upper corner.

Hi Kyle,

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I am sorry to hear about the issue. 

Can you please send us an exemplary video of the explained problem directly to

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