Noticed the sync function is horrible.

I was messing around with the djay pro app today with my wego3 which I’m very impressed with it being pre mapped and scratching with it was pretty damn decent. I said what the heck pressed sync and was like whoa, no! Off beat don’t know how to count 1234 piece of software. Or really doesn’t seem to know the difference in 1 2 3 or 4 (kick snare kick snare). Glad I grew up playing wax and know how to manually do this, but your djay 2 app on a iPhone does the beat sync pretty damn well vs the OS X version. Maybe implementing the same sync algorithm could help. Since I’m planning to map a launch pad for 4 decks and the sync functions would be useful, just saying … Sure I can manually beat match 4 decks but using all buttons and keeping them all on time isn’t really the easiest processes (if you haven’t tried, do so and get back to me)… Anyway just thought I would mention that glitch that’s fixable. Also the sound seems kinda washed out when running more than one track. Turned off the auto limiter still sounds not up to par with serato DJ. Another thing that would be useful look in pic below