Now Available: Major Update to djay Pro AI on iOS

We’re excited to share that a major update to djay Pro AI on iOS is now available on the App Store. Our team has been hard at work to bring some of the most requested features to this new version, including revamped Automix and Neural Mix™ features. These updates will allow djay users to enjoy fully AI-powered DJ sets while sitting back and taking in the mix, including a variety of fresh new transitions.

The New Automix AI

The popular Automix feature has been transformed into Automix AI, providing the following:

  • Newly designed Automix music browser, providing efficient and easy-to-use playlist management
  • New and improved transition options offering a wide range of styles, including Neural Mix, Dissolve, Riser, and Echo

Neural Mix

  • Added 4th component for Neural Mix isolation on iPad, which now includes harmonics, vocals, drums, and bass (only available on iPad with Apple Bionic chipset)
  • Expanded ability to apply audio FX to each Neural Mix component
  • Added ability to loop isolated components while track is playing
  • Crossfade up to four Neural Mix components separately between decks

In addition, djay Pro AI now offers:

  • Nested loops (enhanced looping with ability to use bounce loop within an active loop)
  • Expanded Slice functionality, extending creative possibilities to create mashups and remixes
  • New FX, including the Noise & Sweep pack as well as several new delays and reverbs
  • Enhanced sampler with 8 beat recording mode and option to clear individual pads during a recording
  • Ability to save and name up to eight loops per track
  • And so much more!

djay Pro AI for iOS is available as a free download with the optional PRO subscription to access all content and advanced features across iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices using the same App Store account.

Note: djay Pro AI requires iOS 12.1 or newer.

For more information, please visit our website or check out this introductory video.

We hope you enjoy the updates to djay Pro AI! Please get in touch any time with your feedback, suggestions, and/or questions. Happy mixing. :headphones:

Your Algoriddim Team


Oh YES! I’ve been waiting for some of these for a while. Thank you Algoriddim! This update looks huge :grin:

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Congratulations Algoriddim for listening to your users!
You addressed many requests from this forum; should be obvious but very few companies understands and responds to their users demands this way.
This community really works!
Thank you and keep up the good work!


Thanks for listening with the enhanced transitions. Now all we need is more authentic Hip Hop DJ samples & enhanced backspin options. Great job.

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Awesome. The hi-fi Tidal issue seems fixed too !

I spoke too soon. Tidal hi-fi tracks still won’t load.

Love the update. Have been waiting for some of these for the iPad.

Hi, the update is really great thank you.