Now is time for Djay to become real "Pro" software

I’m djing since 2000, i’m not a home-bedroom dj (with all my respect for them), i make serious money from that, for me its a bussines.

and what I will say next is from my experience of so many years djing

Pioneer bought Serato and now it’s time for Djay to become a real Pro software.
Djay needs 3 features for that.

  1. Flexibile beatgrid
  2. Possibility for mapping any controller for sorting “artist” and “BPM” library column directly from hardware. Now is possible only from laptop.
  3. Now, when you play a song is colored instant. We need to increase the time to 20-30 sec or possibility to mapping any time you desire.

I have been asking for this for many years and have always been told me that they will consider whether to implement these options. Let’s not forget that Serato, Rekordbox and Virtual dj have already had this for many years and are not options that require high costs or hard work.

if these options were added, my opinion is that Djay would become one of the most powerful pr dj software.

I paid 3 times for the Macbook desktop version of Djay and 2 times for the iOS version and I think I can give my opinion too. Maybe in the end the people from Djay will also listen to the opinion of a customer and at the same time a DJ with a lot of experience.



Wait a moment:
You paid separately for ios and mac? Don’t you have the same apple id on those 2 paltforms??
In which case just 1 subscription is enough for both paltforms inclsuding ipadOS.
I pay yearly once for all 3 devices i use


If you’re a long time user you’ve paid plenty of times for different versions and platforms.

  • Tag
  • Beatgrid
  • Stems 2.0
  • Export Import playlist (not only csv.)
    It will be a best software…



If you’re a long time user you’ve paid plenty of times for different versions and platforms.

I have use Djay since 2010

Amen I agree 100% and hopefully the next update will have these additions

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing all your great feedback regarding djay and its future iterations!

We’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our engineering team for further review and will update this thread as more information comes in.

Thank you all for continuing to support djay, and we look forward to sharing some really great new features with you all very soon!

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Tho, DJay Pro is a Crossplatform :slight_smile:

One of the joys of the new days. :wink:

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As far as I can tell, Djay Pro already has flexible beatgrids by default. I have tried this with a few songs that have been played by actual musicians and that shouldn’t line up with, e.g., electronic music, but Djay’s beatgrids make it happen. Unfortunately, this can’t be manually adjusted or disabled, which leads to problems with beatgrids going haywire in parts of songs with few to none rhythmic elements, which throws off the grids significantly. There has been a thread about this problem for years now, and nothing has been done about it.

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Right, Djay developers it seems to ignore real issues…I no longer write here because they don’t listen …