Now Playing info for Twitch?


because Dj streaming is popular on Twitch too I would like to have a Playing Now overlay and would like to know If it is implemented now.

I will use my IPad, Reloop Buddy for djing another Smartphone for camera and my Macbook with OBS for streaming to Twitch. Now I need a workaround how to get the current playing song-info to OBS (maybe txt source?).
With Djay Pro on Mac I read that there is a nowplaying.txt file which can be integrate into OBS.

But how can I get this info from IPad??

I could use IPad with Djay AI as Controller and sync it via Ableton Link to a MacBook with Djay Pro and use the nowplaying.txt there but so I need to buy another Djay Version and need a second Computer for streaming (I think DJ Software + OBS on same Computer is critical).

Or do you plan a „now playing feature“ in near future where a file can be uploaded automagically to maybe iCloud or google drive as txt file?



Thank you for pushing the topic. This makes a lot of sense especially in your pointed out streaming setup. I forwarded the thread internally and we will let you know when there are news.

Also please note that I added the thread to the Suggestion category, that way other users can upvote and push the topic.

At the moment it is possible to get the title, artist, album and song duration through a workaround to OBS.

  1. Add a Text Source in OBS
  2. Click the Text Source to open its settings
  3. Tick Read from File
  4. Hit the Browse Text File Button
  5. In the open dialog window use the keyboard combination “shift + cmd + g”
  6. In the go to folder window paste the following path:
    ~/Music/djay/djay Media Library.djayMediaLibrary/NowPlaying.txt
  7. Select the NowPlaying.txt file

Now OBS gets the information of the currently playing active deck (make sure the crossfader is moved to the deck you want to have the information from).

Please note that the NowPlaying file is not adjustable and will show the 4 elements. You could try to parse the information or adjust it directly in OBS.

This sounds interesting. I regularly stream via OBS so I’ll try this method. Thanks
*would be great to have an inbuilt Djay solution to this also - with a more stylish display of the text.

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Playing now info could be implemented on djay video out too, showing up in the visualizer and video modes.
Should be an easy upgrade to please the audience with song info acquaintance during the set.


Any way to make this work on the iPad version of the app? Like saving the txt to a file sharing service like Dropbox or something like that? I prefer to use the iPad version of the app on my13” iPad Pro but would love to get the current playing song info into OBS for live streaming. Another solution would be some sort of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth transfer into OBS.