Now Playing Album Artwork for OBS Stream

I’m using Djay Pro to stream music and have been able to grab current track info from the NowPlaying.txt file to include in OBS streams as suggested here. It works great and I’m curious if Djay Pro might also have the current track album artwork available?

I’m guessing if not, I might be able to fetch it from another web API like MusicBrainz.

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I am using audio hijack on a mac to stream to an (n)ice cast server. with this combination I get artist song album and freetext transmitted ok. I don’t know OBS though or how it works.

Hi @Sebastian_Beca,

Thanks for reaching out about the album artwork for OBS streams with djay. My apologies for the delayed response here, but I’ve checked with our team about this and unfortunately the album artwork isn’t available via the suggestion you referenced in your post:

However, I’ve added this suggestion to our internal request list for our team to look into how we might further improve the options here. I’ll keep you posted when we have any updates about this.

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