NowPlaying.txt should update according to the active turntable not last loaded track

the NowPlaying.txt should update according to the active turntable, and hearing turntable, not last loaded track … useless if it’s only the last loaded track → it’s not “nowplaying”

easy to reproduce with DJAY 5.1.7 and refresh the log .txt

it change only when you load a new track.

It should just show the track that is playing and selected with crossfader. the audible track, not the last loaded track in a deck…

Can you please fix this ?

i want to use this file, to program an utility that’s load lyrics on SHAZAM web with nowplaying.txt of DJAY log, send to OBS virtual camera an play it in DJAY to make the lyrics missing video function in DJAY pro that VirtualDJ have already…

on MAC this log file is here
/Users/username/Music/djay/djay\ Media\ Library.djayMediaLibrary/NowPlaying.txt

actually, doesn’t work correctly in 5.1.7

please fix this,


Olivier F.

Hi @Olivier_Frappier, thanks for the details. What version of macOS are you running?
I have forwarded this onto the engineering team. I’ll report back here when I have news. Thanks!

more details : DJAY PRO 5.1.7 on MAC mini pro M2 (Silicon), and Sonoma 14.5

seems that nowplaying doesn’t see where is the crossfader… it’s a bug in latest version. perhaps because of Crossfader AI of V5 ?


Olivier F

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Hi @Olivier_Frappier, thanks for the additional details. Do you have a controller connected when you experience these issues? If so which controller?



Anyway, i’ve the same problem with FLX10 connected with my mapping, and without FLX10 connected.

nowplaying don’t see crossfader position.

it’s a permanent issue ; just show the last loaded song but not the currently played and audible

same with/without controller


Olivier F.

Thanks for the additional details