NS6 Only plays output of one deck.

I just purchased Djay pro 2 in the Mac app store. My NS6 will only play output from one deck. I can preview deck 2 but when I crossfade to that deck, there is no output and deck 1 continues as if I did nothing.

When I make changes in the device drop-down window, it will switch but I still only hear one deck. I’m more than a little frustrated, I feel like I just threw away $40 and spent many hours in my music library reorganizing it to work better with this “great” software.

Click on the tiny headphones for pre-cueing in the top left corner of your DJ Pro 2. Then, click on Configure Audio Devices. When you see the Devices window, choose external. Find your NS6 for decks 1 and 2, and apply. This should solve your issue.

DJ Arly

Thank you, the problem appears to be fixed and I’m able to enjoy your product.
Could you recommend some good online tutorials?