Numark 4Trak Mapping

So guys i mapped 70% of it.

What i need help:

1 - LEDs not working (Only the track length)
2 - FX’s (I prefer to not work on it as i don’t use it)
3 - Something to open folder in library instead open it by hand.

My e-mail is

You can help, i can help!!

So if Algoriddim staff wants the incomplete mapping, i can give it.

But will try to get closer 100%.

Att, Velcis Ribeiro

Dear Velcis,

Any chance you got the jog wheels working properly?
Could you be so kind to share your configuration? This would be highly appreciated.


I fixed it myself. Some buttons are customised to my own wishes. You can download my mapping here:

This is awesome! I’ve been struggling with my 4Trak mapping. So glad there are a few users with this controller. I’ll def be trying out this mapping and reporting back.