Numark idj-pro and djay 2 for iPad viewing problems

Hello everyone
I use the djay for iPad 2 with my numark idj pro, when I want to load a new song, the white box appears in the top left hand corner, but I am unable to see the name of the entire song, which is vital for my mixes, and I do not want to enlarge the box because it then covers the entire screen making watching the song information while choosing a new song impossible, in the old djay for iPad app, the songs used to come up in the bottom half of the screen, allowing the full song to be seen, without blocking the entire screen, would it be possible to make this an option on the current djay app ? It would be extremely useful and without it I am really struggling, otherwise besides this the app is working perfectly with the controller

Hi there,

I am sorry but I guess that if the track names are too long you would have to enlarge the library or mark the tracks by renaming them.

While searching for the next track I think not seeing the mixer for a short time is possible, btw even though you dont see the mixer all commands done at the iDJ Pro still work.

Lukas E.

Is this just for your Itunes library or Spotify Library as well?