Numark IDJ Pro not working anymore

Just wondering if anyone else using the IDJ Pro has now noticed it doesn’t work anymore since the latest IOS update?

I have contacted Numark and the console is only supported up to 9.2.

I am a bit gutted to say the least.

Lukas- it’s not the software that’s the problem but the mixer

I have knowledge of another who has just bought the Mixer and new IPad and he has same problem.

Shops are still selling them even though they are not supported past iOS 9.2

It’s the iPad. Anything below 4th generation ipad is not supported by the new iOS. My buddy had same problem but used a generation 5 iPad and it worked.

No , but thanks for the info I’ll look at my update .

I have an IDJ Pro running on an air2 on 10.2 and I just got back from a gig. Worked flawlessly…

Hey there,

the IDJ Pro is supported with the latest iOS version.

Cheers,Lukas E.

iDJ PRO, doesn’t work on ios11…
Volume of the active deck drops when you cue a song in the headphones! PLEASE FIX!!!

It works, but to many bugs…
When you cue a song, the volume on the active deck drops!

Please fix this!