Numark iDJ3 with jday Pro not correctly mapped


I have gone through and correctly mapped the functionally of my Numark iDJ3 with every feature built into day Pro. However, the led lights do not follow the same map that i have set. How do i correctly go about this process so that when i push a button the led light responds accordingly?


Hi Mike,

Click on Advanced and enable “MIDI Out”.

Hmm, it sounds like the channels for MIDI out do not correspond with the “Ins”. In this case, you can try changing the channels (also under Advanced).

the advanced settings under the “MIDI setup”?

some weird activity is happening.for example, i have enabled the MIDI out for the button, such as the “kill treble” under the mute button, but when i adjust the nob for treble then the light indicator will turn on also… and for one of the auto loop keys, when pushed, while turn on the led light under the play button. etc.

is there any pre made maps for this board?

what is the best way going about selecting channels? i have tried doing so (1 through 16) and that did not seem to change anything.