Numark iDJpro and djay iOS compatibility with Portrait

App doesn’t work with controller properly

Mainly due to the format of the controller, the iPad slots in to the controller between the platters in Portrait view as opposed Landscape.

The app recognised the controller and rotates the display to accommodate this but it’s very restrictive as to what functions of the app you can use. It effectively only allows looper mode.

Any chance that all the modes can be made available in portrait when using the iDJpro controller?

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve passed this on to the team, we are planning to make improvements to the portrait mode on iPad … which features/infos specifically are you missing in portrait mode ?

Regarding Automix, you can enable it through the media library in portrait mode. The rightmost tab in the library allows you to switch between History, Queue, and Automix. You can then also stop Automix from there while in Portrait mode.

That said, we are actively working on a much improved portrait experience on iPad which I find is much better than what we had in previous versions. Can’t promise a release date, but this is on our radar. Thanks again for your feedback.

To be honest due to the age of the controller it’s hard to say that any further tweaks will be written for it. Maybe if Numark released a MK2 then Algoriddim may do something. Alternatively there is another software that offers alot more for the idjpro and it’s called DJ Player Pro. It’s a subscription software for £19.99 a year but it’s full pro and very good. It’s gives you alot in portrait mode in fact alot more than algoriddim does. You can download the trial first to test it out but you will have to spend time on it as it does offer alot of features including beat jump!

For a start automix doesn’t seem to be possible - not something I’d use for a set generally but quite often I use it for background music - it doesn’t seem possible when connected to the IDJ pro.

Also the ‘default’ is to show the looper but the text of each one is too big so you can’t read them.

(All the previous versions looked different when plugged in to the controller and in portrait orientation than when they were in portrait and not plugged in. It’s as if the software went in to an unlocked mode. Whereas now when plugged in to the controller (which only allows for portrait orientation) the app behaves as it does when you just put it in portrait. So you can see how basic it is and how it’s not really fit for purpose. Algoriddm still claim full native support for this controller - but that is far from the case)

It’s just a general mess really. I love that controller and have used it for years and it’s been perfect with every version of djay, but with this one it’s horrendous.