Numark idjpro is it a lost case?

Hi! I got an Numark idjpro mixer from juli 2012. Is this unit still possible to use with an iPhone or an iPad? Or is it a lost case? :sweat_smile:

Currently it can only be used if you still have the old Djay 2 app but unfortunately it cannot be used with the Djay Pro app.
Hopefully Algoriddim will look into this in the future and make it compatible seeing it was exclusively designed for and can only be used with Algoriddim

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As the product has been discontinued I very much doubt this will be the case / is worth the effort…

Current iPads probably won’t even fit nicely. :thinking:

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Thx, thats what i suspected. I tried to connect an iPhone with a pin adapter, but that didnt work :confused:

Hey @Djfosskall1 ,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting your question on your Numark controller and djay here!

S/O to @maurizio_T and @Mister_Tuur for the super-useful info they have been so kind to share!

Along those lines, I am writing to confirm that - since the controller was originally designed to exclusively work with a previous version of djay djay (djay 2) - you could use it if, by any chance, you had previously purchased this version of the app.

In that case, you would still be able to download the version you purchased in the Purchased section of your account. If that is an option for you, please see this detailed guide on how to redownload an application.

Wishing you a great day!

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