Numark Mixdeck(2 channel) Mapping

I have fully mapped the Numark mixdeck(2 Channel), and i was wondering how i could send it to you guys, so that you could add it to your compatible hardware.

Hi Eros Ayala,

that sounds great, thank you for your work. Can you send us the mapping via

Lukas E.

The mixdeck is not natively supported.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lukas E.

Ablo español, pero no se si el programa que este tenga sea en español o en ingles. si es en ingles conecte su controlador y metase en MIDI y selecione su controlador, y mueva los faders, y los botones.

Carl I can send you a base mapping for the mixdeck, and you could edit it from there. Everything mostly works except the REC, MODE button, and the DISPLAY SCREEN? Just give me your email and i’ll be happy to send it to you.

hi my english its bad , question , how mapping controller, i have orbit and need mapping, please , thanks

if you could send it to my email: great thanks

Is this available yet?

That would save my life! if you could send it to my email: thank you so much!

Did you manage to get it if you could send it to me that would be fab (

Please send it to me!!!

Hi Eros, could you please send it to me as well?

Thank you!!!

Hi Eros, can you please send me the base mapping for the mixdeck? Thank you, Robert, my email is:

Hi Blue temple, did you receive the mapping for the Numark Mixdeck Express? Can you please forward it to me:

Thank you, Robert

Hey Eros, any chance you still have that file? If so could you please send me it to
Would be much appreciated.