Numark Mixdeck Express 2016

Can’t use my iPad Air2 on this midi mixer any ideas about mapping anyone?
I don’t have a Mac I have an Acer Aspire notebook .

Algoriddim only supports dedicated ios controllers.

Just brings us round to

  1. consider what features your looking for in software to your desired work flow
  2. consider your budget
  3. purchase a controller according to the software you want to use with your desired work flow

For example I realised that djay 2 had all the features I was looking for, so I worked out my budget and worked out through research that the beatpad 2 would be the best controller for me.

Easy as 1,2,3

I don’t think the mix deck is compatible with djay for iPad

Hi thanks DJ Ivan was just wondering was there any other way around it for iPad seeing as most DJs I know would rather iPad .

Hi thanks for reply but I think I should clarify : I have Serato and use it . It’s just as a back up I’v used IDJ PRO a great mixer with DJPro using an iPad . So easy and versatile using my own music files also Spotify and iTunes to , I just feel iPad is the way forward . Most new laptops are detachable.