numark mixdeck express - map mixer section failed

Hi all,

on my Numark Mixdeck Express i ́m not able to map the mixer section - only the left fader is working (the cross fader also), but the right fader is not working. when i try to map it - there will be not display when i move the fader. same for gain, low, mid high etc.

any ideas?

djay 4.2.2 for mac, osx 10.6.8

Hi Carsten,

Thanks for contacting us.

Please download the MIDI Monitor app and see if receives MIDI events when you press buttons on the right side:

Oh ok, in this case, try moving the mixer knobs that don’t work in MIDI Monitor.

By the way , the Mixdeck Quad is natively supported and doesn’t need to be mapped.

Do you have the Mixdeck Quad as well? If yes, then simply open the MIDI mapping menu, move a button and save the mapping. Then you’ll find a new mapping file under ~/Music/djay/MIDI Mappings

Yes, you can usually map LEDs just by enabling “MIDI Out” in the Advanced mapping options.

The mixer on this device is analog, not midi, and I don’t believe it can be mapped.

ok, will try this at the weekend.
the buttons are not the prob, i mapped them - it ́s the mixer section… with serato it works complete…

is it possible to recieve the map from the mixdeck quad?


i know that about the quad - maybe i can see some adjustments in that or make my mapping better…
is there a way to lit the leds in the mapping?

Will the Numark Mixdeck Express be pre configured by Algoriddim anytime soon?

All you need to do is swich the setting to external mixer mode in preferences and it should be working. This is also a problem on the Universal 2 channel Mixdeck, and it s now working.