Numark mixdeck quad: "Synch" button

Hey there i’ve got two questions:

when using the numark mixdeck quad with Algoriddim djay on the ipad is there a button on the controller to be used as the “synch button” for the software?
There is no dedicated button on the controller as far as i know. Maybe another button like the search button is then used as “synch button”?
which features of the numark mixdeck quad are supportet by the Djay app especially by the ipad version? (like start/stoptime, dry/wet fader, display,…)

Thanks for reply,

Hi Margonien,

(1) Sync is mapped to “MODE” + “TAP”

(2) I’m not aware of any features on the Quad that are currently not mapped in djay.

There’s no documentation about this. I recommend just trying it out. Whatever it says on the controller will most likely be the same in djay.

OR, if you have djay for Mac, you can open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu to check out the mapping.

Thank you for your help.

Where can i find out witch features are mapped and how they are mapped (which combination)?