Numark Mixdeck Quad

i m trying to setup my Numark Mixdeck Quad with djay le but i am having problems with setting up the sound. all my output is coming through channel 1-2 (as in deck 1) how do i sort this?

Hi Guys,

I just tested this and I have good and bad news for you. :slight_smile:

Good news: Mixdeck Quad can be used as a multi-channel output (iOS 6 and djay 1.6.3)

Bad news: You can’t do it through the “built-in” iOS connection.

You need to connect it to your iPad via USB + Camera Connection Kit (or Lightning to USB adapter). Then you can take full advantage of the controller’s built-in audio interface with djay.

Which issue are you referring to? On the Mac, you can set up your Quad as outputs under djay > Preferences > Devices.

Make sure that USB Audio is set to “Cue/PGM” on the back of your controller.

So I did a gig yesterday and here’s what I did to set it up and the problems I ran into:

I powered on the MQ, connected my MacBook Pro (running on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5), connected USB, and opened my fully updated Djay Pro (version 1.3.1) and used my iPhone 6S Verizon LTE hotspot to connect to Spotify. All of my tracks loaded properly but here’s where I started having problems:

  1. Pre-cue is a challenge. I could not cue up any tracks. I now understand USB headphones are needed? The Djay Connect is not available anymore? What’s the work around?

  2. When I played a track on deck 2, everything seemed fine but when I tried to cue a track on deck 1, that didn’t work so I cued up the track without my headphones but I wasn’t able to raise the volume on channel 1. The audio was coming out of channel 2 instead of channel 1. I also couldn’t turn down the volume completely on either channel. I had to use good timing then stop each track with both channel levels up. That sucked!

  3. I also noticed the setting on the back of the Mixdeck Quad was set to USB1/USB2 instead of PGM/CUE so I switched it in while I was playing my tracks. Not sure if I could do that but obviously it didn’t work.

What am I missing here?

Warren thanks for your reply but i am having problems with djay on macbook . thanks

me too

Hi, I recently downloaded your new version of Djay LE, and I have had some trouble with it because I cant hear separately the audio from the song that is already playing and the next one that is going to be played, do you have any suggestions as in why is this happening and what can I do to fix it, also is there a manual I can download? thank you in advanced

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What about this issue when using a macbook air?

Ok, I will make sure the setting are correct. The volume is only controlled by one channel and when using automix the volume spikes when it crossfades to the song in que.