Numark Mixtrack Edge djay iPad/iPhone

Does djay for iOS support Numark Mixtrack Edge?

It seems like the perfect match for ultra portability. I’m really tempted to buy the Numark, but would rather not have to use Traktor/Laptop with it but instead use djay on iPad.

Speaking of, compatibility with vjay seems like it would also be pretty insane.

Any progress on making this controller compatible?

Hi Darcy,

It’s currently not supported but I’ll change this into an idea.

djay for iPad does not support MIDI mapping.

iOS DJay pro would be a perfect match with Numark mixtrack edge.

Supporting this again!

Trying to bump it up into reality. With djay pro for iPad, this would be an ultimate combo.


I did a mapping for DJay on OS X. How can I export that mapping to be used for DJay on the iPad?

Thanks for the reply. I too then cast a vote for iPad DJay / VJay support for the numark Mixtrack Edge. It’s a great portable controller!

Hi Riddim Dojo,

we are sorry to tell you but the Mixtrack Edge is not supported with the iOS versions of djay.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I support this too