Numark mixtrack platinum

Hi guys… Just wanted to find out how to access all the different effects using the controller… Only able to get the basic ones but want to access these below

Hey @Djdash, thanks for reaching out. The ‘Instant FX’ are currently not mapped per default, but you can map it manually. You can find a guide on how to do that here.
The target should be the deck you want it to assign to and the action should be “Instant FX #” ("#" stands for the number of the Instant FX). Hope that helps!


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Thank you so much for your prompt and efficient response… Can you please elaborate on The ## point not sure that I understand you correctly.

The # refers to the FX position, so top left ‘landing’ is fx1, fx4 is gate, fx8 is rocket.

In the midi mapping it will reference the fx number and not the name.

So whilst you have four obvious pads you can map on the platinum you may decide that the four fx you prefer are fx1, fx5, fx7 and fx8 out of the instant fx list.

When you map your pads, you choose the fx number you want against that pad.

In the example pad 1 would be fx1, pad 2 would be fx5 etc etc.

In short # is any number from 1-8 in what @Lukas was referencing.

Hope that’s helped!


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Thanks for this. Will give this a bash today and revert. Thanks again for the quick feedback

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Thank you very much all works great. Tested it out on an mcx8000 as well

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