Numark Mixtrack Platnium FX - DJ Pro AI - Midi Mapping not working

no… nothing… straight out of the box…

I assume that you tried to move the dry/wet knob ?
Sometimes it can remain at dry position in software at start up.

Yes that’s correct I tried to move it


I am using an iPad Pro with djay pro ai and my controller is Numark mixstream platinum fx, most of the controls are mapped well with the app however the FX section of the controller is not mapped.

I tried to go to midi settings but unfortunately I do not know which setting should I map it with. For example the FX paddle switch button… then wet / dry knob and beats knob, tap button so basically the entire FX section mapping can you please provide it.

Screenshot below for the all the mapping I need.

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@jude_rodrigues unfortunately, this FX hardware layout is not ideal for how Djay is setup. Also I don’t have this controller, so I’m going strictly off this picture.

Djay uses separate FX units for each deck and this appears to be a master FX layout. So to make things work properly you’ll have to duplicate the midi mapping controls for both FX units in DJay. Also I’ll warn you that we won’t be using the FX paddles in this mapping. This isn’t going to be a super straight forward process. I’ll guide you through setting up the wet/dry in detail and hopefully if you can get that working you’ll be able to follow the same process for the Beats knob.

Starting with the top left wet/dry knob, open the midi editor, turn the knob and assign:
Target → Deck 1
Action → FX 1 Wet/Dry

Notice in the left column the highlighted control that this is assigned to. Using the touch screen, press down and slide this control to the left to reveal Duplicate | Delete. Select Duplicate. Now right below the highlighted control you will find your new duplicate. Select this control and assign it like this:
Target → Deck 1
Action → FX 2 Wet/Dry

Now repeat the duplicate process and map this one to Deck 1, FX 3 Wet/Dry.

Then repeat these same 3 for Deck 2 and save and close your mapping. Test out the wet/dry knob to make sure that it’s controlling all 6 wet/dry knobs in Djay.

If you make it this far the rest should get a little easier.

Map the Beats encoder in the same way above, but to FX 1 Parameter, FX 2 Parameter and FX 3 Parameter for both Deck 1 and Deck 2. Now test this to confirm that the encoder controls all 6 FX parameters in Djay.

Now you’re going to map the 6 red FX buttons to turn the individual FX units on independently. I recommend you do the following mapping assignments using the duplicate procedure above.
I also recommend that you turn MIDI Out on for each of the FX enable buttons so you know which ones are on by looking at the hardware.

HPF → Deck 1, FX 1 Enable
LPF → Deck 1, FX 2 Enable
FLANGER → Deck 1, FX 3 Enable

ECHO → Deck 2, FX 1 Enable
REVERB → Deck 2, FX 2 Enable
PHASER → Deck 2, FX 3 Enable

You will have to use the touch screen to chose which FX you want to assign to each of the units and this obviously won’t match what the buttons on your controller say.

So you will use the top 3 red FX buttons to turn on/off each of the 3 Deck 1 FX units. The bottom 3 buttons will do the same for Deck 2. The two knobs will adjust the wet/dry and level for all 6 units together. If desired, you can even have all 6 FX on at the same time. It’s not perfect, but should give reasonable hardware control over most of the FX controls.

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Here’s a screen shot of the Duplicate feature within MIDI learn:


Can someone with a Mac, upload or share the default apple midi mapping for the platinum fx for Djay Pro to the windows forum or here. I can’t find it anywhere and there is no support for windows yet. Thanks!