Numark Mixtrack Pro + Djay Mac 4.2

Hello everyone, is there a way to configure the “Out” button under loop on my Numark Mixtrack Pro?

I want to use that button to expand a loop. Instead it cuts the loop in half like the “In” button. The Autoloop button works but it is never possible to expand the loop.


Generally speaking, you can remap buttons on your controller by opening “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu. Just press the button you wish to map and select an action from the drop-down menu. Although, the “Loop Out” (and IN) button always automatically change to “Loop Half” whenever the loop is active. The only other option would be “Loop Out (Unloop)”. In this case, pressing the “Loop Out” while looping is active will switch off the loop.

If your controller has a “Shift” button, then you can map the “Shift + Out” button to “Loop Expand”.