Numark Mixtrack Pro FX

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I am using an iPhone 14 Pro Max
iOS version 17.4.1
Djay Pro AI version 5.1.6
Numark Mixtrack Pro FX purchased on 04/26/2024

I don’t think the FX section on this controller will actually respond to midi mapping changes. I can make changes in the Djay Pro AI midi mapping tool, but the controller overrides my changes. I already reached out to Numark Support for a fix but no response yet.

Hi @berto_g, thanks for the details about your issue.

  1. Please refer to this FAQ article regarding MIDI Mapping on iOS:
  2. To help clarify exactly what’s happening, can you please try to capture a video of the issue, upload it to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the video here? Thanks!


Yes, I can record a video and share it with you. I will do it as soon as I have some time. In the mean time, can you please look into whether or not djay midi configuration can override the built in midi configuration of a controller such as the Numark Mixtrack Pro FX? I tried to midi map the FX section, and pads to specific functions in Djay Pro AI on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac Book Pro, and I got the same result. I am so dissatisfied that I am considering taking the controller back for a refund. I learned how to mix on Djay software since 2011. The software has only gotten better, and you have made monumental strides in evolving the software. I know you can figure it out. Please help.

Thank you,

Berto G.

@berto_g some parts of controller MIDI Mappings are not accessible from the djay MIDI Learn tool. This varies from controller to controller. The typical reason for this is these controls could not be properly mapped with the MIDI Learn tool alone and need to be MIDI mapped under the hood instead.


I understand, thank you for your prompt response.

Berto G.

You’re welcome @berto_g