Numark Mixtrack Pro II does not control Djay software on Mac.

Algoriddim’s list of supported controllers include Numark mixtrack pro II. I have it hooked up to my mac. Light on controller goes on but the controls on the controller do not work with the software. It is on a macbook that is mid-2007 (not sure if that matters, but I want you to have all the information). Please assist.

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Hi Elie,

Which djay for Mac version do you have? The Mixtrack Pro 2 has only been added recently. You need djay 4.2.3.

In this case, please open “Configure” from the “MIDI” menu and make sure that “Built-in mapping” is selected.

I have the 4.2.3 version installed. The Mixtrack lights up when the USB is inserted, the software identifies that Mixtrack was installed, but the controls on the Mixtrack do not control the software on the MAC