Numark Mixtrack Pro with Bluetooth and Microphone

I am running Djay for a macbook pro with a mixtrack pro console. I have it hooked up to an Alto TS115A Wireless Bluetooth speaker and it connects great and sends the audio to the speaker great and I can pre cue using the headphone jack on the mixtrack pro or just my head phone jack if I don’t have my console. Here is my main question, I can’t get a wired mic to work while using bluetooth to the Alto? Isn’t the mic single sent through the main output? If anyone knows how I can use a mic while using bluetooth as my main output please let me know. This is the configuration I have set up in the picture.

Hi Michael,

What happens when you try to enable the mic?

When I normally use the Mic input on my Mixtrack pro I just insert the mic and use the volume knob. I don’t have to do anything with the devices screen. If I clicked on the enable mic there were a few options but the mixtrack pro or bluetooth were not one of them. The only option was Built in microphone, which is just the mic on the macbook pro camera. I would assume if I have a usb mic that could be an option?