Numark Mixtrack Quad

Hi Everyone!

I’m looking at getting a Numark Mixtrack Quad. I need to know if it is possible to map the preset effects in Djay Pro to the effect pads on the Numark. I would love to be able to select a preset, and then have that preset play when I hit an effect pad on the board (ie: If I select dubstep, it plays dubstep when I hit the pads, and when I select the Snoop Dog Preset, it’ll play the snoop dog preset on the pads)

I’m also looking at whether or not it is possible to use the filter knob on the mixtrack quad with Djay Pro.

Here’s the turntable. I know its MIDI and it can be mapped with DJay Pro (How?) but I don’t know if I want to get a quad without being able to map selected effects.


Hi Matt,

You can map the samples in djay Pro to the pads on your controller. However, you cannot change the preset a MIDI. The pads will just play whatever sample is currently set to that specific sample pad.

The filter is mappable via MIDI and can be mapped to any of the knobs on the Quad.

To map your controller:

open “Configure” from the “MIDI” menu

press a button

choose a corresponding action from the dropdown menus.

repeat previous 2 steps for all buttons/knobs, etc.

hit “Done”

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Bought Djay, bought Numark Mixtrack Quad. clicked midi, added manually my key…

Still not working…

Only one working plug and play is Virtualdj 8 ( but need to buy the full version )…

Help ( teamviewer maybe? ) would be appreciated.




I have been searching on the internet but I can’t find any link to get the mapping for the Numark Mixtrack Quad for Djay pro. I started to map all the buttons but the buttons don’t light up. Why can’t Djay pro provide the mapping, it should be easy because it is already done for the mitrack pro 2.

Has anybody already the answers / mapping file?