Numark N4 and DJay

I honestly love your product, but seriously, could you please make something to support the Numark N4 : one of the best seller product for djing.
I’ll have to use Serato or Virtual DJ instead of using the one I really prefer… DJAY

Hi Matyas,

Thanks for your feedback. I changed your question into an “idea”.

In the meantime, you can use your N4 with djay for Mac via “MIDI learn”. Let me know if you need any help with the mapping.

Hi Michel,

Do you have any specific questions?

There should be similarly named functions for the buttons and knobs on the controller. The names also don’t really matter as long as you know what you mapped the buttons to.

  • open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu
  • press a button on your controller
  • choose any function from the drop down menu

The names of the functions in djay are mostly self-explanatory. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to email us: support(at)

I would love some help on mapping my N4 with Djay :slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast reply!

My ‘problem’ is that I have no idea about all knob names when I’m trying to do the mapping for my N4… Is there, by any chance, a mapping.TSI file available, or some manual how to do this?

Hopefully the N4 will be supported in the future, I always loved to use IDJAY, but on the mac it’s now useless for me :frowning:

Ok, thanks! Will try to figure it out.

what do the functions mean though? is there a sheet that explains it?

it would be cheaper to buy idjpro, but only two decks, I agree with Matyas N4 should be available for IPAD.

the cue buttons do not work on the controller. when pressed they light up but then immediately turn off

We’re happy to announce that djay Pro now natively supports the Numark N4!

Get yourself the latest update at the Mac App Store and check it out!

hi i too have the NumarK N4 and i have bought your apps for both my ipads and iphone and would very much like midi support for your djay2 on the ipad ty

Yea! I have the same Problem! :frowning: Without Pre-Cueing it ́s impossible to start a gig - i dont like the sync button when i ́m “blind”.

Any update on that issue ?

Because i see the hardware list has been updated but the N4 is not in the list…

Hello Adrian, could you reply on my below request ?

It does but Pre-Cueing still don’t work,

Please fix the pre-cue issue with Numark N4 i don’t want to use virtual dj :frowning: