Numark NS 6 El Capitan

Numark NS6 isn ́t supported for El Capitan 10.11 yet. In day pro as well as in Serato DJ…



I’d like to chime in here… =)

I have great news for current NS6 El Capitan users, there’s a driver! The El Capitan BETA driver has been posted on the NS6 product page - The driver is called the Mac OSX 10.11 Driver 3.3.7 (Beta) driver. All current El Capitan users can download and try it out with their system at their own risk. Be aware though, it’s a Beta driver so it’s not the official driver. If you’re still on Mac OS X Yosemite and below, you should NOT update your operating system to use this driver until an official driver comes out. This driver should be used for current El Capitan users.

Hi Julian,

You’re right, the drivers of the NS6 are still in testing. Click here for further informations:

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